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“Working for Olivers Specialiteiten makes us proud! We think it is wonderful to turn those delicious and honest delicacies into true gifts.”

Gerda Jansen

Together we create

work for everyone!

Our sustainable development goals

Quality education

Together, we ensure that people reach their full potential. We train people and teach them a craft. At Olivers Specialiteiten, the customer is king, but so is the employee.

Decent work and economic growth

Offering people opportunities is the best thing there is. A helping hand every now and then can make a world of a difference. We care for our people.


Alone, you go faster, but together, you go further. Our partnership with MTB makes our work more flexible. We see the world through similar eyes.

“Education or CV are not considered relevant at Olivers Specialiteiten, we look at someone’s qualities and preferences".”

The show must go on, but in a fair and responsible manner. Everyone must benefit and make use of their qualities and preferences. For us, that is exactly what fair work and economic growth means.

Our people make the difference

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Being proud

I am very happy with my job here at MTB. It's great to be able to work for Olivers Specialiteiten together with my colleagues. They are beautiful products and the working atmosphere is nice. Everyone contributes in their own way. And when you walk through the supermarket in the evening and see your own products, that makes me a little proud.”

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