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“Local products with a story; that makes us happy.”

Maurice Dassen – owner

The most beautiful products…

with the smallest footprint!

Our sustainable development goals

No poverty

Local7 supports various charities. Think of the Ronald McDonald house and Quiet Maastricht. We do this by offering the option to select a charity as part of a package. We also regularly donate the residual value of unused gift cards to charity.

Decent work and economic growth

Local7 stands for a unique range of exclusively local products, where a fair price is paid for the products and services. We are not a discount platform, but a quality platform that warmly supports local entrepreneurship.

Life on land

From jam and honey to chocolate; juices and wine; the most beautiful and tastiest products are grown and produced in Limburg. We are proud of that.

“With this product, you are supporting a entrepreneur, because Local7 buys exclusively local.”

People are amazed by the enormous diversity of Limburg’s regional products and services. Local7 has carefully selected them and put together over 100 unique packages for you.

Our people make the difference!

Together we support the nearby entrepreneur!

Collaborate with Local7?

Want to enjoy more Local7 products?

Learn and work at MTB?

Local7 and MTB

During our introduction to MTB, we were given a guided tour of the company. We were amazed by the diversity of services and were surprised by the enthusiasm and professionalism of MTB’s employees. Local7 has to deal with peaks all year round, for example, during the holidays. Together with our social partners MTB, Business Post Limburg and Athos, we are able to handle these peaks very well. Athos produces the gift packaging, MTB packeges and Business Post delivers. Talk about collaborating!

It is asking for more!

Are you pleasantly surprised by a specific product from a package? Of course, you wish to be able to reorder that product. That is why we have an extensive range of products in stock at Local7.

Meet MTB