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“HANOS is a place where handcraft and gastronomy come together.”

Kim Hollands (director)


invests in people.

Update that you fit!

Quality education

Working at HANOS means developing yourself. For example, with our own learning and development program: Dozens of e-learning courses, accessible 24-7 to all employees!


Decent work and economic growth

Everyone is welcome at HANOS. Even if you need a little more guidance. HANOS Maastricht has two in-house practical supervisors who will be happy to help you. Or you can follow a work-study program with our partner MTB.

Sustainable consumption and production

At HANOS, we strive to advise and inspire our customers to operate in the most sustainable way possible. We believe in leading by example, which is why we enjoy working with our culinary consultant and our customers to develop a more sustainable menu. Together we look for opportunities to create dishes that are not only delicious, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

"From employee to specialist and from assistant chef to chef; the opportunities to grow at HANOS are unmatched."

No less than 5000 employees work at HANOS! Every day 375 trucks drive through the country to serve all customers. Do you want to strengthen the team as a driver, order picker or food employee? Grow with HANOS! And… you can also get that (truck) driving license or that safety training at HANOS, partly during working hours!

Our people make the difference!

Time for… action!

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Feeling good

For HANOS, being fit is more than just being in a good physical shape. Being fit is being happy, having fun at work as well as outside of work. Being fit means being able to keep developing yourself, being proud of what you do and what we do together. This is why HANOS has developed the HANOS FIT plan and happily invests in, for example, a bicycle plan and company fitness opportunities for all employees.

Locally involved

As a catering wholesaler, HANOS is there for all hospitality entrepreneurs in the region. They also like to contribute locally wherever possible. For example, HANOS supports various local charities and is involved in local associations. Products approaching their "Sell-By" date are regularly donated to the local food bank. 

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