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“Coffee connects… everyone is welcome at Blanche Dael family business.”

Albert Berghof – director

Passion for coffee, tea...

and for people!

Our sustainable development goals

Quality education

Almost all of our products are handmade! Therefore, all of our employees receive training. We also want to enthuse young people about our profession. That is why we have made a coffee machine available to Terra Nigra Practical Education to train people to become baristas. Last but not least; in 2009 we found the Escuela Blanche Dael Foundation. Every year, we invest 5% of our profits in educational projects for children in coffee production regions.

Decent work and economic growth

More than 15 nationalities are at work at Blanche Dael! We love to learn from each other's cultures. We also maintain close contact with our bean suppliers on the plantations. We regularly receive WhatsApp videos and drawings from the farmers’ children. We only buy the best beans, ecologically and socially certified. For fairtrade beans, it is normal to pay 20% more to the coffee farmer, we pay even more!


At Blanche Dael we always say; ‘if we can do it, we will do it!’ Connecting people is in our DNA. For example, we support many neighborhood support centers, shelters, charities and sports and business clubs. Yet, the Food Bank can also always count on our support.

“The very best product for a fair price; that is what we aim for at Blanche Dael. Are you joining us?

From barista to logistics employee, part-time and full-time. The career 'flavors' are unprecedented. Come meet us, the coffee is ready!

Our people make the difference

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Being proud

Everyone who works for Blanche Dael shares the same passion. If you do not have that passion yet, you will get it with time! Together, we are going for the very best product, presented and packaged in a way that suits us. We are a real team and we help each other.

We have also set up a charming store at our new location. Many of the products on display have been packaged for us by the MTB team. We are very careful not to waste any materials. The quality of our packaging materials, for example, must also be top-notch. Our coffee, tea and delicacies are manually packaged, not by machines. That is what our products deserve!

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